Monday, April 13, 2015

Being a mom

It changes my whole life. I guess every other moms' too. Dulu gue cuek banget sama yang namanya kesehatan. Hate sports, hate being sweaty, hate healthy foods, and looovee adrenaline rush. I was never scared of death. Until i gave birth to a small and weak creature i call her daughter. Because i know she needs me. She needs me to be healthy. She needs me to be strong enough to hold her whenever she gets caught by fever. Strong enough for her to cry on when she gets her first heartbroken. Healthy enough to see her being married to a guy she has crush in high school. (Okay, should stop before i cry a river).

But it took me in a disguise when flu caught me. Honestly i want to home-treat it as healthy lifestyle said so. By taking a lot of water, enough rest, and regular home remedy (honey lemon shot). But it's gonna take a while i can spread the virus to my loved ones especially Kaleia, which that's the least thing i will let that happen. In the end i gotta choose to take a pill or two so the virus will be gone sooner.

Cheers to a more healthy life! (Brb order a dozen of young living essential oils, bukan postingan berbayar tentunya).

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