Friday, April 18, 2008


Do you guys know BUTTERFLY? i guess you all would say yes.. It is one of the insects existing in this world. It is usually noted, because of its unusual life cycle, coming from a form of egg, going through a larval caterpillar stage, an inactive pupal stage, and a spectacular and complete metamorphosis into a familiar, beautiful and colorful winged adult imago. Subhanallah!
It's called complete metamorphosis, which means from the beginning to another stage, it completely changes. Not perfectly coming from zero to hero in one stage, but continuously changing from zero, one, two, three, blablabla..
The philosophy of BUTTERFLY life cycle inspires me a lot. I can say, can almost perfectly describe how my life was and i expect to be. I'm not saying that i'm changing a lot, and now i'm already a beautiful and colorful imago, and it's actually hard to say in what stage now i am. All i can say is, i (and some people who know me at that time) know how my life was, from i was in my childhood and elementary school, then turning into someone different in my junior high, then turning into another person in senior high, and you could see me now.
Actually, if you ask me to mention what factors contributing in changing me, i cannot mention all, because it needs me to write a biography (haha i wish i can do it some day!). One thing i exactly know is, now i haven't been the beautiful and colorful imago yet, i still need to learn, to achieve, and to do many things to become the beautiful and colorful imago. To become the beautiful and colorful imago is what i expect my life to be. In the end, i wanna be imago, that can be useful in beautifying and coloring the garden. That's what i wanna be.

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